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How to Book a Candidate into a Temp Regular Job Assignment.
How to Book a Candidate into a Temp Regular Job Assignment.

Recruitment Process - How to book a Candidate into a Temp Regular Job Assignment.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

The last action in the Recruitment Process is to book the successful Candidate into the Job.

The Candidate can be selected from the Shortlist, CVs Sent or Interviews and Offers sections or users can just select the Book workflow and search for the candidate directly.

To book a Candidate into a Temporary Regular Job, use the Book button on the Candidate Activity page, or use Book from the Activities menu of a Job record:

Complete the Temporary Regular Booking workflow. The fields highlighted in red are mandatory:

  • If a different Contact is required, select from the Contact/Booked By field.

  • Select how to send out the documentation using the Send Docs By option. If using post, choose Which Address. Select the option of No Docs if advising the Candidate/Contact by phone. 

  • The Start Date, End Date, Start Time, and End Time will have automatically come across from the Job.

  • Enter the hours in the Standard Paid Hrs (Daily) field. Select whether the booking is to include weekends.

  • If the booking has been split with another consultant, enter the consultant in the Consultant 2 field (and 3 and 4 if there are additional splits) and input the percentage of the split.

  • If the Pre and Post AWR pay or charge rates have changed since the Job was created, update them on this screen.

  • Add in any relevant notes into the Journal Notes section. 

  • Click on Confirm.

If the user has chosen to apply the Living Wage check (held in application settings), the system will automatically check if the Candidate is over 23 (where DOB is held) and if so, whether the Job Base rate is below the saved 'Living Wage' for people over 23 (also held in application settings). If the Job’s base rate is below the living wage, the option to over-ride the rate is presented to the user. If the user chooses 'Yes' and confirms this message, the Pre- and Post AWR Pay rates are automatically updated to the stored 'Living Wage'. The user may need to adjust their 'Charge' figures at this stage.
Note: If you don’t have administrator privileges to update application settings, please ask your Erecruit Representative to do this.

  • Once the documentation has been sent, a Temporary Regular Assignment record will be created and the Candidate will have moved to the Assignments page in the Job record. 

  • A warning message for AWR qualification will be displayed if the booking duration plus 'Accumulated Qualifying weeks' is greater than 12 weeks.

Note: The workflow can be repeated if there is more than 1 vacancy on the Job.

On completion, this workflow will:

  • Create a task to action 'Temp check-in' 

  • Add a count to the KPI for 'Placements' under Recruitment Activity

  • Update the Candidate on the Workers studio

  • Update the Candidate on the At a Glance page

  • Update the Pipeline (Temp) Report

  • Update the Activity Analysis Report

  • Update the Working Temps Report

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