To Place a Candidate into a Permanent Job, they need to be at Shortlist, CV Sent or Interview stage. Choose to place the Candidate from the following pages:

  • Shortlist & CVs
  • Interview & Placements

The last action in the Recruitment Process is to place the successful Candidate into the Job.

  • Click on the tick box to the left of the Candidate’s name, then click on the Place button.
  • The Start Date will automatically come across form the Job. This can be amended if required.
  • The End Date is pre-populated from the Job record if present, but modifiable per placement.
  • Update the Salary and the Fee %, if required. The fee amount will automatically calculate.
  • Select the method of how the documentation will be produced using the Send Docs By field. The option of No Docs should be selected if contacting the Candidate/Contact by phone.
  • If the placement has been split with another consultant, users have the option to include these details. Select the additional consultant in the Consultant 2 field (add in consultants 3 and 4 if there are further splits) then input the percentage of the split. 
  • Add any notes in the Journal Notes section.
  • Click on Confirm and the Permanent Assignment will be created.
  • Once the documentation has been sent out the Candidate will have moved to the PLACEMENTS section of the Job record.

Note: This workflow will update the At a Glance page and the following reports:

  • Perm Pipeline
  • Activity Analysis
  • Activity & Financial Analysis
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