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How to Fill a Candidate into a Contract Job Assignment.
How to Fill a Candidate into a Contract Job Assignment.

Recruitment Process - How to fill the Contract Job assignment with a Candidate, send Contract and Booking form.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

The last action in the Recruitment Process is to fill the successful Candidate into the Contract Job.

The Candidate can be selected from the Shortlist, CVs Sent or Interviews sections or users can just select the Fill workflow and search for the candidate directly.

To fill a Candidate into a Contract Job, use the Fill button on the Shortlist & CVs or Interviews & Assignments page, or use Fill from the Activities menu of a Job record:

The user can send a Contract and/or a Booking Form at the point of filling the Job, rather than subsequently from the Assignment record:

  • Tick the field Send Contract now?  then select the Contract Type to generate the Contract.

  • Tick the field Send Booking Form now? and select the Booking Form Type template required to generate the booking form:

Complete the Fill Contract Job workflow:

  • If a different Invoice Point is required, select from the Invoice Point field.

  • The Start Date, End Date, Start Time, and End Time will have automatically come across from the Job.

  • Enter the hours in the Standard Hours (Day) field. 

  • Ensure the Pay Period is correct e.g. Daily, as this will ensure that the margin calculations are correct.

  • Enter the Notice Period for both the Client and Candidate.

  • If the assignment has been split with another consultant, enter the consultant in the Consultant 2 field (and 3 and 4 if there are additional splits) and input the percentages of the split.

  • If the Pre and Post AWR pay or charge rates have changed since the Job was created, update them on this screen.

  • Select how to send out the documentation using the Send Docs By option. If using post, choose Which Address. Select the option of No Docs if advising the Candidate/Contact by phone. 

  • Add in any relevant notes into the Journal Notes section. 

  • Click on Confirm.

On clicking Confirm, the documents will be generated and can be checked before sending by double clicking the document. Click OK to send the documents and emails.

A warning message for AWR qualification will be displayed if the booking duration plus 'Accumulated Qualifying weeks' is greater than 12 weeks.

Once the documentation has been sent, a Contract Assignment record will be created and the Candidate will have moved to the Assignments section on the Interviews & Assignments page.

On completion, this workflow will:

  • Create a task for the start date of the Contract to action 'Check-in' 

  • Update the Candidate on the Workers studio

  • Update the Pipeline (Contract) Report

  • Update the Activity Analysis Report

  • Update the Working Contractors Report

  • Email the Contract as an attachment to the Candidate and add it to the Documentation Library and Journal of the Candidate record.

  • Email the Booking Form as an attachment to the Contact. The filling of the Contract confirmation document will be emailed in a separate email to the Contact. Both will be added to the Documentation Library and Journal of the Contact record.

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