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Reject Candidate

Recruitment Process - How to reject a submitted Candidate from a Job

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

To reject a Candidate, they need to be at Shortlist, CV Sent or Interview stage. Therefore a Candidate can be rejected from the following pages:

  • Shortlist & CVs or Interviews and Placements pages of a Permanent Job

  • Shortlist & CVs or Interviews and Assignments pages of a Contract Job

  • Candidate Activity page of a Temporary Job

  • Click on the tick box to the left of the Candidate’s name. Only one Candidate can be rejected at a time.

  • Click onto the Reject button located on the right-hand side of the Interview box. 

  • Select a Reject Reason. Choose how the documentation is to be produced using the Send Docs By field. There is a No Docs option if notifying the Candidate/Contact by phone.

  • Choose the Rejected By option, perhaps the Client has rejected the Candidate or the Candidate doesn’t wish to go any further with the position. Make any relevant notes in the Journal Notes section. 

  • Click on Confirm. Once the documentation has been completed the user will be taken back to the Job Record where the rejected Candidate will have been removed. 

Note: The rejected Candidate will be moved to the At a Glance page.

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