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Recruitment Process - How to amend Interviews, log attendance and log feedback.

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The Interviews section is found in the following pages:

  • Interviews and Placements page of a Permanent Job

  • Interviews and Assignments page of a Contract Job

  • Candidate Activity page of a Temporary Job

Amend Interview

The Amend Interview workflow allows users to change the date / time of an existing Interview.

To amend an Interview:

  • Click on the tick box to the left of the Candidate’s name. Select one Candidate at a time.

  • Click on the button Amend Interview on the right-hand side on the Interview box:

  • Change the 'New Interview Type' e.g. First, Second, Cancelled, Video Call etc.

  • Input the new interview date, start time and end time. 

  • Choose the method of sending the documentation using the Send Docs By field. If the Contact and Candidate are being notified by telephone, select the “No Docs” option.

  • There is the option to send the Terms of Business document(s) when amending Interviews. Tick the required document in the Terms of Business Documents section when completing the details. Users can also create a Task to follow-up the return of the signed Terms of Business. Tick the Create TOB Follow Up Task box and set a date. Note - additional Journal entries are generated when Terms of Business documents are sent.

  • Click on Confirm. Once the documentation has been sent, the Job page will be updated with the new information.

  • The Last Contacted date field will be updated for Contacts, and Clients with the date the workflow was run.

Interview attended

Users can record the fact that the Candidate has attended an Interview.  

  • From the Interviews section, select the Candidate and click on the Interview attended button on the right-hand side of the page. 

  • The system will record the fact that the Candidate attended the Interview by adding a “Yes” in the ‘Attd’ column. 

Interview Feedback

The user can choose to log Client or Candidate Feedback from an interview. 

  • To log interview feedback, select the Candidate and click on either the Client Feedback or Candidate Feedback button on the right-hand side of the Interview box.

  • To complete the action simply enter the feedback or copy and paste the information into the Journal & Feedback Notes box.

  • Click Confirm. The system will record the feedback by adding a “Yes” in the feedback column.  Note: This action will also update the Interview Analysis report.

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