Arranging Interviews

Recruitment Process - How to schedule interviews for Candidates with a Contact.

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The next natural step after Sending CVs to a Contact, will be to arrange Interviews for Candidates.

Select the Candidates to send for Interview by placing a tick in the box to the left of the Candidate’s name.
Click on the Interview button to display the interview window.
Note: A maximum of 10 Candidates can be scheduled for interview at any one time. 

  • If arranging a 2nd or 3rd interview etc. ensure that the Interview Type is changed to the correct option. 

  • At this stage, a different Contact can be selected (if for instance the Interviewer is not the main Contact linked to the Job). To change the contact name, simply select a new Contact in the Contact/Booked By field.

  • To automatically create a job specification when arranging or amending interviews, tick the box ‘Send Job Spec to Candidate’. 

  • Add any relevant notes in the Interview / Journal Notes section, if applicable. The notes will then be added into the correspondence sent to both the Candidate and Contact. 

  • The Interviewee names will be displayed. Enter the interview date, start time and end time for each Candidate. Note: The end time will automatically calculate an hour from the start time. Users can create backdated Interviews although the status will be created as Past.

  • Select the correct address for Interview to be held at. Users have the option to choose Client Address, Contact Address, Job Address or ‘Other’.

  • Select the method of how the interview confirmation documentation will be sent, using the ‘Send Docs By’field.

  • There is the option to send the Terms of Business document(s) when arranging Interviews. Tick the required document in the Terms of Business Documents section when completing the details. Users can also create a Task to follow-up the return of the signed Terms of Business. Tick the Create TOB Follow Up Task box and set a date. Note - additional Journal entries are generated when Terms of Business documents are sent.

  • Click Confirm. Once the documentation has been produced & sent, the Job record will be displayed showing the Candidates in the Interviews and Offers section for Temporary Jobs, or Interviews and Placements/Assignments page for Permanent and Contract Jobs.

  • The Last Contacted date field will be updated for the related Candidate, Contact, and Client with the date the workflow was run.

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