Sending CVs to Contacts

Recruitment Process - How to send CV(s) to Clients

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Once a Candidate has been shortlisted, the next natural step is to send their CV to the Client Contact.

Send CVs to your Contact(s) using the Shortlist & CVs page of a Permanent or Contract Job or the Candidate Activity page of a Temporary Job.

Tick the shortlisted Candidate(s), then click on the Send CV button on the right hand of the Candidate Shortlist box:

Note: A maximum of 10 Candidate CVs can be sent at one time.

The screen will display all the Candidates that have been selected. The Contact name will be copied across from the Job record and is displayed in the Contact / Booked By field, although this can be changed.
Users can select any CV from the CV Category selected to send. 

  • Select the relevant CV Type using Which CV Category and all the CVs stored in this category will be available for the user to select within the Which CV field drop-down. Note: The 'Default' CV will still be loaded by default:-

  • Select the CV required from Which CV.

  • Select the method by which to send the CVs (Email or Post).

  • Make any notes as appropriate in the Journal Notes section.

  • A task with a date reminder prompt can be created at this stage. Place a tick in the box for Create CV Follow-up task and enter the date required for the reminder. This will be generated and entered into the users diary on Confirm.

  • Terms of Business can also be sent to the Contact at this stage (if a document is stored in the Terms of Business document library). Place a tick in the box against the relevant Terms of Business document. This will be sent alongside on the CVs on Confirm.

  • The Candidates have now moved into the next stage (CV Sent section) within the page and will also appear in the CANDIDATES SUBMITTED section of the 'At a Glance' page.

  • The Last Contacted date will be updated for the Contact and Client.

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