Shortlisting Candidates to a Job

Recruitment Process - How to shortlist Candidates to a Job

Written by Jackie Read
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To start the Job workflow, Candidates need to be shortlisted for the Job.

Shortlist your Candidate(s) using the Shortlist & CVs page of a Permanent or Contract Job or the Candidate Activity page of a Temporary Job.

To shortlist the candidates, click on the Add button on the right hand of the Candidate Shortlist box.

Enter the name of the candidate in the Candidate field or search using the Quickfind window.
There is a free format Application Source field if required.
Job ID as well as Job title can be used to search for the Job. 

Click on Confirm and the Job record will be displayed.

The Candidate will be shortlisted and will appear in the CANDIDATE SHORTLIST section. If the Candidate was previously Longlisted, any notes made there will be displayed:

Repeat this process to shortlist additional candidates. 

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