Longlisting Candidates to Jobs

Recruitment Process - How to Longlist Candidates to a Job.

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Longlisting Candidates on a Job record

Users can create a Longlist of Candidates before shortlisting them. There is a Longlist activity within the ‘Activities’ menu of a Perm, Temp Regular and Contract Job record or use the 'Add' button from the ‘Longlist’ page :

Search for the Candidate and add any journal notes as required. Click Confirm. These notes will write back to the Candidate and Job they are related to.

The user can add or update notes against each longlisted candidate, remove longlisted candidates from the list and also shortlist selected candidates. In addition, users can directly longlist or shortlist Temp Regular and Contract Candidates to Perm Jobs and vice versa.
Any notes made will be copied across if the Candidate is subsequently shortlisted to the Job.

Candidates can be added in bulk or individually to the Longlist against a job, or from within a set of saved search results using the Longlist Batch function. 

Longlisting Candidates to a job from Candidate records

From the New Candidates and Candidate Submittals studio widgets, users can use the batch function to Longlist Candidates to a new job. Select the relevant Candidates, choose Longlist Candidates to new job, look up the Job and on confirm all the Candidates selected will be longlisted to the Job.

An individual Candidate can be longlisted to a Job. Use Longlist from the Activities menu of a Candidate record and search by 'Job ID' or 'Job' title:

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