How to create a Permanent Job

How to create a permanent job in Adapt. Adding 'End Dates' on Permanent Jobs.

Written by Jackie Read
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Within a ‘Contact’ record, use the action from the Activities menu for ‘New Perm Job’ or use the short cut icon:.

Note: To access a Job that is already created from this Contact, click onto the Job hyperlink within the Open Jobs section.

Enter the information into the screen:

An End Date field is available on the New Perm Job activity. There is also an option to indicate if the Job is Fixed Term?. If this is set to Yes, the user will get a prompt message if the End Date is missing, but can choose to ignore and confirm the job without an end date.

Note: A Permanent Job End Date can be added when creating a Permanent Job or when updating the Job using the Requirements activity. This field is displayed on the Permanent Job Summary page.

Click Confirm to create a new Permanent Job record:

Note: Using 'Edit’ can change details on the 'Summary' page and workflows can be run from any of the links.

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