How to add an Invoice Point

Why would I use an Invoice Point? Adding an Invoice point - run from the Audit & Invoicing page of the Client record.

Written by Jackie Read
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Why Would I Use an Invoice Point?

Often, Invoice Contacts may work off site or away from the main office, and an Invoice Point record allows users to specify a different address for invoices to be sent to.

A Client may have multiple invoice points, therefore, a default can be set per client.

How to add an Invoice Point

Navigate to the Audit & Invoicing page of the Client record .Click on the ‘Create Invoice Point’ link. 

Enter the information into the screen. 

Click Confirm to create a new invoice point record.

Create as many Invoice Points as required.
Select the record to set as the default, then click on the ‘Set a Default Invoice Point’ link. 

If the user requires an existing Contact to become an Invoice Point, use the 'Add an Existing Invoice Point' link to add them.

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