How to add a Contact record

Creating a Contact from the People tab or Company record. How to change a Contact Job Title; Setting Eshot permission on contact creation.

Written by Jackie Read
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  • Click on Create Contact within a Company record from the Activities menu or shortcut icons or use the Create Contact link from the People tab.

  • Enter the information into the screen, as appropriate. Users can add parent Industry/Sector and Job Categories at this stage.

A new tick box has been introduced to the Create Contact workflow allowing users to set their Eshot preference to Yes on creation. By ticking this box, the user is recording that they have permission to Eshot this Contact.
Note: This tick box is also available on the Quick Client and Switch to Contact workflows. The Eshot preference option is editable on the Contact page.

Click Confirm to create a new Contact record.

Use ‘Edit’ to change information on any of the pages. Additional information can be added to this record using the other pages. For example, additional Industries can be added to the Contact in the Leads & Skills and Preferences page.

In the Contact page there is an option to add ‘Carbon Copy (CC)’ email addresses to the Contact record. Once input, the user can choose to copy workflow emails to these addresses to keep the recipients informed. Example workflows include Send CV, Arrange Interviews, Fill jobs, Invoice.

To change the Job Title of a Contact, use the Change Job Title link from the Summary page. Add in the New Job Title and click Confirm to update it:

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