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How to add a Parent Company record
How to add a Parent Company record

Why would I use a Parent Company record? How to add a Parent Company record and link Clients.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Why Would I Use a Parent Company Record?

If dealing with a large organisation with many different sites, or departments, a Parent Company record can be setup. This record does not contain much information, as it is designed just to act as an umbrella record for offices and departments, (Clients). 

Using Erecruit as an example, we have offices in the UK, Australia and the USA. As each of these sites have different Contacts, each site would be set up as a separate Client, but would belong to the same group (Parent Company).

To do this, firstly set up a Parent Company to represent the umbrella record for the different Clients, and then create the Clients from the Parent Company so that they are linked:

Creating a Parent Company Record

  • Click on the Create Parent Company link and enter the information into the screen (all red fields are mandatory).

  • Click confirm to create the new record.

  • To add Clients to a Parent Company, go to the Clients page, and select the activity to ‘Create Client’.

  • To add an existing Client to the Parent Company, click on the Link Client option. (Or use the shortcut icons in the navigation bar).

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