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CV Import Tool - Running the Import
CV Import Tool - Running the Import

How to run the import and deal with duplicates

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Select all the CVs to be included in the import.

Run the import by selecting the ‘Import’ button on the main toolbar. This will create a new Candidate record for all of the CVs selected.

Once the import is complete, review the records by clicking on Saved Results within the Search tab. The top search result will contain the list of Candidate records imported.

Note: The selected schema (e.g. Perm Candidate) sets the related Candidate Role Type to Yes and sets the other roles to No as shown on the Candidate profile page:

Duplicate Records

When using the CV import tool, the tool will identify any duplicate records (records that already exist on Adapt). The following screen will appear if a duplicate is identified

The duplicate window will appear highlighting the personal data within the CV.This will help with identifying a duplicate record.

Options available at this stage:

Update will allow users to update any existing information within the current record.

Create will create a new record.

Skip Resume will ignore the CV

Cancel will abort the import. 

Note: The CV import duplicate checking adds a Candidate role to an existing Contact role if Update is chosen i.e. It adds a new role for a Candidate alongside the Contract role keeping them as one record.

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