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CV Import Tool - Assigning Attributes to fields
CV Import Tool - Assigning Attributes to fields

How CV attributes are assigned to fields and how to change them

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Individual CVs can be viewed by selecting the grey hyperlink of the appropriate CV name. This will display the details in the lower preview pane. 

The information highlighted in the Document Preview tab is what will be used to create the Candidate’s record and has been populated in the schema fields on the left-hand side.The different coloured highlights relate to the different sections in the schema. The colour keys are shown at the top of each section of the schema.

Changing the data guessed in the CV Import

To change or remove the information that’s guessed for import, select the schema field and edit the contents.

By default, all records created this way will have a status of ‘Registration Incomplete’.

To change this, users can edit the Status field, and select a different status.

Any fields which have been edited will be shown on the ‘History’ tab.

The ‘Import’ button will only be enabled if the CV has been selected within the list. We recommend checking what has been automatically guessed before creating the records.

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