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CV Import Tool

An overview of the CV Import tool in Adapt

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

The CV Import Tool provides a method to create and populate a new Candidate record by using an electronic CV. The Tool allows some information to be automatically populated, such as the name and address, and also enables additional information to be manually extracted from the CV to populate the new record.

Select ‘CV Import’ from the ‘My Adapt’ menu.

This will either display an empty screen, or a list of CVs already uploaded ready for import. Select a CV.

  • The CV displayed in the 'Attributes' section shows which CV is currently being displayed.

  • The left-hand column shows the details guessed from the CV by the upload process and the main section shows the CV detail.

When the 'Upload...' button is selected, the pop-up box 'Upload files(s)...' will be displayed.

A Guide to the main options

SCHEMA - This field defines the view of the new record e.g. Contract Candidate. Select the appropriate one.
Upload… - Use this button to upload a CV from a Folder, Mailboxor Web search (the Upload file(s)… box will pop up).
Delete - Use this button to remove the selected CVs
Import - Use this button to run the import on the selected CVs
Folder -  Use this button to import aCV from a folder on the PC/Network
Mailbox -  Use this button to import a CV from Outlook
Web Search - Use this option to importCV’s directly from the Clients website.(Please note this is a configurable option.Please contact your Account Manager inorder to have this option enabled.)
Document Preview tab - Shows a preview of the CV with ‘guessed’ data for import highlighted in corresponding colours to the schema fields.
tab - Shows a history of all changes made to the selected CV and a list of any errors encountered in parsing. 

Note: The maximum number of CVs a user can import in one transaction is 80

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