How to add a Candidate record

How to add a new Candidate manually into Adapt. Adding a Candidate Webinar (Manual Creation).

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  • Click on the ‘People’ tab, then select ‘New Candidate’.

  • Enter the information into the screen (all red fields are mandatory). The Default View field determines which template view is primarily associated with the Candidate. Different views enable users to populate different criteria e.g. in a Permanent view, users can enter salary information, in a Temporary view, users can enter expected rate details and in a Contract view, users can enter limited company information.

  • If the Candidate is a Temp or Contractor, ensure the fields ‘AWR Exempt?’ and ‘Reason for Exemption’ are completed.

  • Tick the box of the role that is relevant to your Candidate. The ‘Default View’ field is the view in which the record is opened. They should match if the Candidate only has one role but a default should be selected if they have more than one role.

  • There is the option to change the Owning Consultant when creating a Contact, Client or Candidate. The system currently defaults the logged in user as the owning consultant. Users can change this before creating the record.

  • Users have the option to set a Candidate's Eshot permission to 'Yes' by ticking the box. Note: This should only be set if the Candidate has given their permission.

  • Job Categories can be added on Candidate creation.

  • Click Confirm to create the new record.

Depending on the choice made in the ‘Send Docs By’ field, correspondence will now be generated in either MS Outlook or Word. If ‘No Docs’ is selected then no correspondence is generated.

The record will be created and the user presented with the Profile page:

The Profile page displays the main details about the Candidate.
Use ‘Edit’ to change field information on each page. Any changes must be saved before navigating to another page.
Run Candidate actions by using any links, shortcut icons or the Activities menu.

Navigate to the other pages in the Candidate record such as ‘Personal Information’ and ‘Leads’ by clicking on the page navigation menu:

Add Skills, Qualifications, Industry sectors and Jobs category using the Skills & Preferences page:

Adding a Candidate - CV Import Webinar

Adding a Candidate - Manual Creation

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