How to use FastFind in Adapt

Written by Jackie Read
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FastFind provides a single ‘Google style’ search box that can be used to quickly search and locate records within the Adapt database. 

FastFind categories can be added to a domain profile which allows defining roles for each category. For each role in the category, the columns to be displayed in the results window and the workflow options (via a menu) can be configured.

FastFind allows Users to:

  • Search entities based on a selected category and search words.

  • Display the searched entities grouped by role, in the form of a dialog.

  • Highlights the matching words.

  • Sort entities within a role based on a column.

  • Add an entity to favourites and remove an entity from favourites.

  • Delete an entity.

  • Display the menu configured for a role.

  • Execute workflows from the menu.

  • Open an entity and navigate across the entities in a role returned by search.

A user’s category selection and the entered search words are remembered and persisted between logins so that the last FastFind performed can be easily and quickly repeated.

Enter the criteria.Select the Category to Search, for instance, 'Clients' or 'Everything'. Please note that the option selected acts as a default. Click on the icon to launch the search. 

Note: You must enter at least 3 characters in a search and If you want to search using part of a word you must use the wildcard * symbol.

Any records matching the criteria will be displayed in a separate window grouped by role with the matching word highlighted. If the word is not highlighted in the role column, it means it’s been located elsewhere in the record, e.g. the address of the Contact. To access a record, click onto the associated hyperlink on the left-hand side. 

Users can choose to add the record to the Favourites list by clicking the icon. It will change colour.  Once an entity is displayed on the Favourites list, it can be removed by clicking the icon again. 

Should users wish to delete an entity, click on the dustbin icon:

This will delete the record permanently from the database.
Please note that users must have the relevant permissions in order to be able to delete from the System.

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