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What is the Document Library used for? How do I add documents from my computer? Removing documents.

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The Document Library, is used for storing all the documents that relate to a particular record; such as Candidate CVs, Company terms and conditions, Client letters, Job Descriptions, etc.
It is accessed using the paperclip icon from any page menu on a record. 

Each Adapt user also has a document library which is accessed from the My Adapt menu.

The Document Library will differ depending on the record type i.e. Candidate, Contact etc. A list of Categories will be displayed within the tree view. Some examples include:

  • Application Forms - This allows users to view and acquire application forms.

  • CV - This allows users to view and acquire original and system-generated CVs. 

  • Correspondence - This allows users to view and acquire letters and emails. 

 Acquiring a document using the Acquire Wizard

  • Open the Document Library and click onto Add Document:

  • Select the folder within the Document Library to which the Document is to be uploaded.

  • Click Forward to Step 2.

  • Users will need to locate their document from this screen. To locate the document click Browse:

  • A File Browser is displayed,allowing users to navigate to the file. Once located, click onto the file name then click Open.

  • Please add in the description of the document and then click Upload Documents. If there is more than 1 of the same document type, users can make one a default by selecting the default box.

  • Users will receive a confirmation message advising that the upload was successful.

  • Should users wish to change any of the settings (document location or file type) click onto Go back and make a change. Should users wish to stop the acquiring of the document, click Cancel.

Document Deletion

Users can 'hide' documents by selecting 'Delete' from the Tools menu. To reinstate the document, choose 'Undo Deletion':

Hard Delete
Users can choose to have deleted documents permanently removed from the Document Library. When deleting a document, the user will get a warning message: "Deletion cannot be undone, are you sure you want to proceed?".
Please contact your Erecruit Representative to enable this function.

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