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What are tasks? How to use your tasks and how to add a new Task manually.

Written by Jackie Read
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The Task area is a “to do list” that provides access to the user’s upcoming and outstanding Tasks. To access the Task area, click on the Tasks link from the My Adapt menu:

Tasks can also be accessed from the Task icon on the menu navigation bar:

The Tasks icon show the outstanding number on a badge, then lists tasks due today followed by overdue tasks in date order (to a max of 25) with a shortcut link to your tasks at the bottom:

Tasks can be sorted by various criteria. Use the sort icon and select a column:

There is no paging so if a user wants to see more tasks use ‘Load more items’. 

There is an ‘Activities’ menu which allows the user to select various actions such as ‘Delete’ for the task. 

Ticking the task box will enable the ‘Activities’ button. A refresh button is also available.

To change a task’s options, highlight the task (by clicking on the line) and click on ‘Show advanced options’. Always use ‘Save’ before exiting. 

Adding a New Task

To add a task, just type in the blank field and click on ‘Add’. To create more task options such as Reminder or Due Date, use ‘Show advanced options’ before adding.

Fill in details such as Due Date and Notes

‘Regarding’ will update if the task has been generated by running other actions (e.g. a candidate has been short-listed and placed into a position). It will display the route which was taken to create this task – clicking on each individual page will create a hyperlink. Users can also search for and add a record manually to 'Regarding'.

‘Assigned to’ gives the user the ability to search for and add other users to the task.

Note - Users can change details on the progress of the task and update its status. An alarm call can also be set, to ensure users are reminded at a particular time and date.
Remember to 'Save' the task once updated.

Filtering Tasks

Vary the information displayed for the tasks by using Task Settings:

Select the required number of records, notes, links and columns and click on SAVE. Located on the right-hand side next to settings is the Filter option:

Using filters can prevent the user from having to scroll through pages of entries.
Examples include:

  • Due Date filters the Tasks within a date range.

  • Status filters by Task Status e.g. All, Not Started.

  • Subject Contains searches for a specific word.

  • Category searches for a specific category of task. 

Note - When one of the above filter options is selected, click on ‘Apply & Save’ to view and ‘Clear’ to take the filter off.
If filters are applied, the icon will appear in orange:

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