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Using Logic in Document Searches
Using Logic in Document Searches

Phrases and Wild Cards

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

So, you have run a document search but have you ever wondered if you are getting the best from your results?

Try a bit of logic!


These are particularly useful for finding exact phrases, which would not necessarily be picked up using the Search templates. Use speech marks to make a phrase. e.g. “Project Manager”. The search will now look for that phrase as a title etc.

Note:If a phrase is entered without speech marks, Adapt will assume the Near logic, which would return records where the word project is near the word manager, in this example.

Wild Card

Not sure if it’s manager, managed or management? Why don’t you add an asterisk * to your search? For example, Manag* will search for anything that starts with this, but has a different ending, returning words like managed and manager.

Using wild cards with phrases

Why not combine the two logics? i.e. “Project Manag*”. The logic will actually treat each word in the phrase as a prefix and effectively searches for “project* manag*”. This will return results like ‘project manager’ ‘Projector manager, ‘projected management’ etc.

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