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Adding a document to the Document Library
Adding a document to the Document Library

How to add a document to the document library

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Whether you are adding a CV to a Candidate or adding a Job Spec to a Job, Adapt will let you hold a variety of documents in the Document Library.

For example, to add a Job Spec document to a Job, go to the ‘Document Library’ of the Job record. Highlight the ‘Job Spec’ folder and select ‘+Add Document’. 

A list of allowable document types will be shown. Click on ‘Forward to step 2’.

Click on ‘Browse’ to find the document from its source e.g. from your desktop or one of your folders.

Once found and selected, click ‘open’ and it will move into the document field. You can add a free format description for the document here.

Select ‘Upload Documents’ then ‘OK’. 

The Job Spec will now show as a document in that folder. 

Note: You can set a document to be the default version by ticking the ‘Default’ box whilst uploading it. This is important when there is more than 1 document in a folder.

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