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Adding a Contact to a Mailshot Code Group in Adapt
Adding a Contact to a Mailshot Code Group in Adapt

How to add a Contact to a mailshot code group list

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Are you sending a seasonal e-shot but not sure where to start? Did you know that you can add an eshot group to a Contact record?

From your Contact record, select the ‘Contact’ page then ‘Edit’. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click under ‘Mailshot’. Select the code group icon.

Select the mailshot group you require and move it to the ‘Selected Values’ box using the right arrow. Click on ‘OK’ and the Contact will be moved into that mailing group. In this example we have used ‘Seasons Greetings’. Save your ‘Contact’ page before exiting.

Note: Mailshot groups belong to a code group which can be amended by your system administrator.

Now your Contact is in the mailshot group, you can run a search on your Contacts specifying the mailshot group. 

From the results returned, you can then send a batch e-shot or mailshot!

Note: The Contact field for Eshot needs to be set to Yes for them to receive any mailshots. This is found on the Contact page of a Contact record. GDPR implications should be considered before setting this field.

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