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Delete or Complete a Task?
Delete or Complete a Task?

Do I want to complete my tasks so they are still available for viewing, or permanently delete them?

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

How do you manage your tasks? Do like to see all the tasks you have done, or do you want to remove them once completed?

Tasks are usually generated from running workflows but can be created individually or in batch from search results. All your current tasks are listed under ‘My Adapt’, ‘Tasks. 

Complete a Task

From your task list, place a tick in the box to change the status of a task(s). Select ‘Complete’ from the activities menu.


Deleting a task removes it completely from your task list and from the system. As above, place a tick in the box of the task(s) you wish to delete. Select ‘Delete’ from the activities menu.

It’s very much a personal choice as to whether you want to complete or (permanently) delete tasks. If you complete tasks, the system allows you to filter by status and view previously completed tasks, whereas deleting your tasks will reduce your task list so you know all displayed tasks are current.

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