Using Flyouts

A description of flyouts and the shortcuts available from flyouts.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Flyout menus are generally available from People, Company, Contact, Job and Assignment records. Wherever you see a hyperlink to these records, a Flyout menu will appear when you hover over it.

The flyout is visible if you continue hovering over the link, but can also be locked by placing a tick in the ‘Locked’ box, allowing you to move your cursor elsewhere.

Once visible, you get basic details on the record you are looking at and can also run select workflows without going into the record. In this example, you could ‘Log a Phone Call’ against the contact Andrea Peters.

Flyout menus can be particularly useful when working from a QuickFind or Search results list. In this example, we have done a Candidate search and are hovering over the Candidate ‘Vanessa Trump’. The Flyout menu shows the details as above but will also allow us to use ‘Document Preview’ to see the original CV attached to her record.

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