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Tracking Competitor Submittals
Tracking Competitor Submittals

How to track which agencies Candidates are being placed by.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Are you finding your Candidates are being placed by other agencies and you want to track this but don’t know how? Adapt ‘Competitor Submittals’ allows you to store and track this information at Candidate and Job level.

Candidate Competitor submittals

Within the Candidate record, use the ‘Competitor Submittals’ section of the Leads page. 

'Add’ details of the status of the Candidate with the competitor and any notes. By keeping a log, the user should be able to build up a picture of their Competitors for this Candidate.

Job Competitor Submittals

Candidate details can be added in the same way against a Job record. Use the ‘Competitor Submittals’ section of the Media Responses page in the Job record.

Within your ‘Open Jobs’ studio, there is a quick link to show your competitor submittals. You can print the information from here.

You could also do a Job search, then anchor the Leads page (showing the Competitor Submittals section) and skip through the search results. This should help you establish which agencies are in competition for which jobs and perhaps what and why they are winning.

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