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Changing the Requirements of a Job
Changing the Requirements of a Job

Using the 'Requirements' activity to change details of an unfilled Job.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Have you ever wanted to change the requirements after you’ve created a job? For each Permanent, Contract and Temp Regular job, you can change the number of vacancies required and amend start and end dates, all before a job is filled.

Select ‘Requirements’ from the Activities menu. 

Amend the ‘Number required’ and any dates as required. 

Once confirmed, the ‘No. Required’ on the Job summary page will be updated. 

For a Temp Shift job, you can use ‘Amend’ from the Shift Info page to amend the start date of a shift.

Note – the job will not show as filled until all vacancies have been filled.

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