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How to assign a task to a colleague
How to assign a task to a colleague

Using the 'Assigned To' section to add a task to a colleague.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

You can access the task from ‘My Adapt’, ‘Tasks’ which shows all your tasks across the system, or from the ‘Task’ page within a specific People, Company or Job record.

Select the task required and click on ‘Show advanced options’. Select the magnifying glass icon alongside the ‘ASSIGNED TO’ section. 

Tick the ‘User Role Desc’ box from the Role Selection Tree, then search and select the user you require.

The selected user will now appear on the ‘ASSIGNED TO’ list and the task will be added to their own task list.

Note: If you now want to delete the task from your own list, go to ‘My Adapt’ and your tasks icon. Select the relevant task and use the Activities menu to ‘Delete’.

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