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Adding a CV to a Candidate
Adding a CV to a Candidate

How to add a CV document to a Candidate record. Editing CVs and setting default CVs.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Whether you are adding a new CV to a Candidate or adding an updated version, Adapt will let you hold a variety of documents in the Document Library. 

Add a CV Method 1

From the Candidate Profile page users can see CVs already in the document library within the CVs window. The CV displayed in the CANDIDATE CV window will be taken from the document library CV, Original CV folder and will either be the 'Default' CV or the CV with the latest 'Modified On' date if no default is specified.

To add a CV, go to the ‘Document Library’ page of the Candidate record. 

Select the ‘CV’ folder and the type of CV sub-folder (in this example ‘Original CV’). Select ‘+Add Document’.

Follow the steps to upload your CV. Select ‘Upload Documents’. 

The CV will now show as a document in that sub-folder and will also appear in the CVs window on the Profile page.

To view or edit the document from the CVs window, double click on it. To edit the CV appearing in the CANDIDATE CV window, use the pencil icon.
The CV will open and any changes you make will be saved back to the document shown here and in the document library.

Note: The CVs window (on the Candidate Profile page) will show which is the default CV for sending. The Created On and Modified On dates help the user determine the latest CV if no default is marked. The default or the latest modified will be the version sent when using ‘Send CV’.
You can set a document to be the default version by ticking the ‘Default’ box whilst uploading it, or by using ‘Tools’, ‘Default Document’ from the Document Library.

Add a CV Method 2

Use the 'Acquire' icon from the CVs window to add a CV quickly:

This will immediately launch the 'Upload Documents' window:

Continue as above (remember to tick the Default box here if required).

Important Note: This CV will immediately appear in the CVs window but will be placed in the top level CV folder in the document library. If the user wants to move this to one of the folders (Adapt CV, Original CV etc.) it will have to be done manually within the document library using copy/cut and paste. Remember, the CV needs to be held in the Original CV folder (and the the latest/default) to be displayed in the CANDIDATE CV window.

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