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Unbooking a Contract Assignment
Unbooking a Contract Assignment

How to unbook a Contract assignment.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Has your contractor failed to start their assignment or has the assignment finished early? You will need to ‘unbook’ the assignment.

Within a ‘Contract Assignment’ record, select the ‘Unbook’ workflow from the Activities menu. Enter a ‘New End Date’ for the Assignment and select who the assignment has been ‘Unbooked By’. Enter any relevant notes in the Journal Notes section and select ‘Confirm’.

Note: A warning message appears if the user changes the dates of the assignment where timesheets exist that would fall outside of the new assignment dates, or unbooks the assignment where timesheets already exist. 

The Assignment Record Status will change to ‘Unbooked’ and the Job Status back to ‘Unfilled’. This enables you to book a new Candidate into the assignment or to close the job.

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