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How to add a Client rate for Temp Regular Job Categories
How to add a Client rate for Temp Regular Job Categories

How to create and update Temp Regular Job Client Rates using Rate Categories.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Users can set up default Client rates for Job categories. The advantage being that these rates will be pulled through when selecting that ‘Rate Category’ whilst using ‘Quick Book’ or creating ‘Temp Regular’ jobs. Additionally, if the rate is set as ‘Default’ then the ‘Rate Category’ and rate will be automatically pulled through.

To set the rates, open the Client record and select the ‘Financial Information’ page. Select the ‘Add Client Rate’ button. Complete the ‘Category’ and relevant Pre AWR and Post AWR Pay Rates and Charges. Click Confirm. (Note: If we then select this and use the ‘Default Client Rate’ button, the rate category and associated rate will be pulled through when creating a job for this Client).

In Quick Book, we have selected the Client contact and the ‘Rate Category’ ‘Analyst Programmer’. The rate for this has been pulled through automatically.

Note: The Pre-AWR Rate will apply for the first 12 weeks whilst the Agency Worker is not AWR qualified. If the number of working weeks on the AWR clock is greater than 12 weeks, then the Post AWR Rate will apply.

Note: These rates can actually be amended when booking or creating your job, but if you require a permanent change you need to go to the Rate ‘Details’ page and use the activity ‘Update Rates’.

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