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Adding Companies to Approach
Adding Companies to Approach

How to specify Clients that a Candidate is interested in working for.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

For each Permanent, Temporary and Contract Candidate you can specify companies (Clients) that they are interested in working for. When doing a Candidate search, you can specify ‘Companies to Approach’ enabling you to match up Candidates with a job from a particular company.

Within a Candidate record, select the ‘Preferences’ page. Under ‘Companies to Approach’ select the ‘Add Client’ button. Find the requested Client, complete the ‘Reason’ and confirm.

The Client(s) will now be listed.

Note: There is also a ‘Companies not to Approach’ button which allows users to specify Clients a Candidate does not want to work for.

Run a Candidate Search and select the Client in the ‘Companies to Approach’ field. Run the search and save the results.

From the Saved Results, ‘Select All’ records then select ‘Batch’ where there are various actions you can run against your results like ‘Send CV’s from Multiple Candidates’ and ‘Shortlist’.

This can be repeated for Temporary and Contract Candidates.

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