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Batch Acknowledge CVs by email for this week
Batch Acknowledge CVs by email for this week

How to acknowledge by email, all new Candidates registered within a specified date range.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Do you want acknowledge all your newly registered candidates this week? Some Candidates may have been registered via job boards, Broadbean or from importing their CV. Each of these newly created Candidates can be acknowledged by email or post in bulk.

In this example, we want to acknowledge all permanent candidates registered in the last week. 

Using the ‘ Candidate Search’, input the ‘Created Date’ range and a ‘Status’ of ‘Registration Incomplete’. Run the search and save the results.

From the Saved Results, ‘Select all’ records then select ‘Batch’ and ‘Acknowledge CV’. 

Select the ‘Template’ and send by ‘Email’. Once confirmed, a message will appear confirming the emails have been sent.

Candidate registration emails can be accessed in the Candidate’s Document Library and are tagged back to the Candidate and User’s Journal records

(Note: If you want to update or add a template, ask your system administrator).

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