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How to create an Adapt CV
How to create an Adapt CV

How to create a uniform editable CV from an original CV in Adapt with any specified name.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Users can create an Adapt CV from their Candidates original CV. The advantages to this is that the created CV’s can be uniform, contain the agency’s logo or header and Candidate personal information can be removed before sending them to the Client.

  • From a Candidate record, select Create CV and select the CV Template required. (Note: If you want to update or add a template, ask your system administrator).

  • The Save As field will be auto populated with the selected CV Template, however users can choose to over-type this field with a CV name of their choice:

Select 'OK' and once the CV has been created, it will be saved in the Adapt CV folder of the document library with a description of 'CV generated from template: xxx'

It will also be placed under the ‘CVs’ section on the profile page of the Candidate (highlighted in red below).

From here you can double click to open the document and make changes as required. You may want to copy and paste the content of the original CV into this template and then remove any personal information.

Save and close the MS Word document as normal and the changes will be saved and a message displayed (see below).

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