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Sending Terms of Business

How do I send the TOB to my Contact in Adapt?

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Your Terms of Business document can be sent to your Contact from 3 different places in Adapt.
From the Contact record, select the workflow ‘Send TOB’. In the ‘Terms of Business Documents’ section ensure the document is ticked, and select to ‘Send Docs By’ Email or Post. Select ‘Confirm’.

TOB can be sent in the same way from the Audit page within a Contact. Use the ‘TOB Sent’ button and the same TOB pop-up will appear. If it has already been sent, a sent date will appear alongside the ‘TOB Sent’ field.

Finally, Terms of Business can be sent when sending a CV to a Contact from the ‘Shortlist’ or ‘CVs Sent’ page within a Job record.

Note - If your Terms of Business document is not there, ask your System Administrator to add it in!

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