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Arranging a Client Visit
Arranging a Client Visit

Setting up a Client meeting in Adapt. Logging Attended Client Visit notes.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

A Client visit can be arranged from either the Client or Contact record by using the workflow ‘Arrange Client Visit’.

You’ll see that the Client info pulls through, including a contact name. This can be changed by selecting another name from the drop down list. Complete the date and time fields and choose Email in the ‘Send Docs By’ field to generate an email to the contact once you select confirm.

This booking will also sync to your Outlook calendar if you have it linked via AOA.

This visit will also be conveniently displayed on the Adapt Home Page and a reminder will automatically be generated.

You can edit the reminder by clicking on the link in the Subject column. Adjust the alarm time, change the priority, add notes etc. then save.

Attended Client Visit

Use the Attended Client Visit activity on a Contact record to log details on the Client Visit:

The notes from the Client Visit will be displayed clearly in the Journal:

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