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How to move or copy a saved search
How to move or copy a saved search

How to move or copy a saved search.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Users can share their searches with other users. For example, a Consultant may choose to share a Client mailing list with an Administrator.

To send a Search to another User:

From the ‘Saved Results’ tab, select the search to send to another user (by placing a tick in the tickbox) and use the ‘Activities’ menu. Select either ‘Move’ (selected search) or ‘Copy’ (selected search). 

The difference between the two options is that ‘Move’ will remove the search result from the user’s Saved Results list and add it into another user’s

Selecting either option will bring up the QuickFind window showing ‘User Role Desc’ in the Role Selection tree.

Select this role to find the user to whom the search results are being sent. Type in their name, login or email and select ‘Find’ to get results. When the user’s name is selected, the Saved Results screen will reappear and the search will have been sent. This search will now appear in the user’s Saved Results tab.

You can see if a user has sent you a search as their initials/name will be displayed in the ‘By’ column.

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