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Searching for Working Temps this week
Searching for Working Temps this week

How to create a list of temp candidates with bookings in a specified date range

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

In Adapt we can create a ‘Temp Bible’ – A list of temp candidates working in a specific date range.

Select ‘Workers Search’ and set ‘Type’ to ‘Temporary’. Set the date range to the current week, in this example we are using 04/09/2016 to 11/09/2016. 

Select ‘Run Search’.

The search results will return all temporary workers for that week.

Use the Formatter tool (see article Reformatting search results) to show the Candidate name, what the end date of the booking is, which Client they are working for, and what their pay rate is.

Note – This date range returns all workers that have a booking for any length of time during this period, including bookings that straddle either the start or end date.
Save the Search results by clicking on ‘Save Results’ and naming your search.

Once a search result is saved, there are many ‘options’ for manipulating search results. The results can also be printed or exported as a CSV file to MS Excel. Check out the articles Working with saved search results and Exporting searches into Excel for more information.

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