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How to set up searches to be automatically re-run periodically

Written by Jackie Read
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Make Active

Active searching is the ability to select a search or searches to be re-run periodically. Any new records which have been added to the system and match your search criteria are displayed. In order to make a search ‘Active’ from within the search, select Options and ‘Make Active’.

Select how many minutes you would periodically like to rerun the search, and tick whether you would like to receive notification when the search has found new results. (Please note that the minimum re-run time is 30 minutes). Click ‘Apply’. 

Select the Saved Results tab. The search will be shown as Active and the system will display the last updated date and refresh rate. 

Searches can also be made active from within the ‘Saved results’ list. Just select the search required and select ‘Make Active’ from the ‘Activities’ menu.

Any new results found using the Active Search function will be highlighted within the original search. 

Your search will remain active until you de-activate it.

De-activating the ‘Active Search’

To remove a search from being Active select ‘Options’ and ‘Deactivate’. The system will remove the ‘Yes’ from the Active column and the search will no longer be run automatically.

Note: This can also be done from the Saved Results list, using ‘Activities’, ‘De-activate’.

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