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Reformatting QuickFind Results
Reformatting QuickFind Results

How to add fields of information to QuickFind results

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

So, you’ve done a search using QuickFind but you can’t see all the fields you want. By using the formatter tool in Adapt, you can reformat to display the fields required on a set of search results.

From the QuickFind results screen, select the ‘Reformat’ button:

The Reformat dialog box is displayed:

Removing Fields from the Reformat List

The top half of the Reformat screen shows the fields already displayed. To remove existing fields, click on the relevant row (it will become shaded) and select the delete button  to remove it:

Changing the Order of the Fields in the Reformat List

Highlight a row in the top half of the screen and use the Up Arrow or Down Arrow on the right hand side. Click Apply to save the changes and the Reformat list will sort the fields as requested. To exit without saving any changes, click Close.

Adding new fields to the reformat list

Type the name of the field into the search area, and click ‘Search’. The search will find all possible matches and display them in the bottom half of the screen. To select the field and move it to the top half of the screen, double-click on the row, which becomes shaded, and it will move to the top part of the screen. Keep adding fields as required. Click ‘Apply’ to save the changes and the QuickFind list will display all the fields selected. To exit without saving your changes, click ‘Close’. If the field you are looking for is not available, please contact your system administrator who can add it in for you.

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