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Creating Custom Studios

How to create your own studio in Adapt.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

Users can create their own customised studio to display their own widget selection(s). The following is a list of the widgets available within the system:

To create a new studio:

Within the Available Studio tab, click on the “Create New Studio” icon which will display four blank or unassigned” panels.

Next, select the highlighted icon below which takes you to Studio Layouts:

Click on the preferred layout for your studio. This will display on the main screen.

To choose the widget(s) to display in your custom studio, click onto the Available Widgets tab. To display the widget you require, it needs to be anchored to the studio. To do this, select and drag the widget to the desired studio section, then drop. Once the widget has been anchored, the data (or graph) will be displayed.

Once all widgets have been dragged and dropped to your layout, name and save it by overtyping ‘New Studio’ in the bar with your customised name. It will then appear in your ‘Available Studios’ list.

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