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How to Run the Payrun
How to Run the Payrun

How to create Payrun export files from a set of timesheet records

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

The Payrun has been designed to extract certain Client, Contact, Candidate and related Timesheet information from Adapt. It produces the results in files, ready to send to the external payroll provider.

Note: The payrun file's location can be defined in the Administrator login. Please contact your Erecruit representative to set up the relevant payrun provider.

Within ‘Searches’ run a Timesheet Search for timesheets with a status of ‘Authorised’ within the date range required. Save the results.

Select the relevant entities or ‘Select all’ then select ‘Batch’ and ‘Payrun’. 

The payrun will complete with a message:

To view the files created by the payrun, click onto the Searches ‘Home’ tab. Select ‘Payroll Run’ from the Role selection tree and enter the payrun number above, then click Find:  

…..or navigate to your Journal and use the payrun number link.

Click on the Payrun No hyperlink to view the files within the payroll record, as shown below:

The 3 files in this instance are for Candidate (Employee), Job and Timesheets. 

Click the send button to email the files to the payrun recipient (if a default email address has been set in the administrator profile, this will be pre-populated.) The three payrun files will be sent as attachments to the email address specified. 

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