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Importing an Email
Importing an Email

How to import an email from Outlook into Adapt.

Written by Jackie Read
Updated over a week ago

On occasion, you may receive an e-mail in MS Outlook that is relevant to a record in your Adapt system. You can import this e-mail and link it to a record in Adapt. This workflow is in the ‘Activities’ menu of People, Companies and Jobs records and is also available from the shortcut icon for ‘Email’:

Note: Your email client must be open and the relevant email selected during this workflow.

The Import Item(s) from Microsoft Outlook workflow will open in a new window. Choose to import just the Body Text from the email, the attachment(s) or both.

Ensure the correct email is selected in your Outlook window and click OK. You will return to Adapt once the import is complete.

The tagged email will then show in the Journal record along with links to the actual email message and/or the body of the text from the e-mail.

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